We offer the following as a package:

  1. Welcome email sent to the Borrowing client outlining the details of their payment schedule along with login instructions to their secured account.

  2. The Lender, if not setup already, receives a welcome email with login instructions to their account for 24/7 access to their mortgages.

  3. Arrangements are made to electronically debit from the Borrowers Bank account and electronically credit to the Lenders account per the directions of the loan documentation, Borrower, and Lender.

  4. If we are notified of a NSF, we will begin email communications with the Borrower reminding them their account is in default in progressively urgent notices. These will also be emailed to the Lender for their files.

  5. If we are contacted for a pay-out statement, we will calculate the balance owed and email the Lenders representative and the requesting party.

  6. Automated text messages may be sent to the Borrower/Lender, if they elect, reminding them of the upcoming amount to be debited/credited.

  7. 24/7/365 secured access for both the Borrower and Lender to access their accounts.

Additionally, we also offer services for Mortgage Funds who would like to have their portfolios professionally administered. Many have found that our services provide a significant cost reduction in maintaining staff, computer hardware/software, as well as the office space to accommodate everything.

Our clientele can rest assured that our “Court Proven” software is the cutting edge in the industry and we have made a significant investment in our CPA/CMA staff and infrastructure to exceed all expectations.

For more information about our services and cost-effective pricing, please contact our Area Manager, Maria Ford.